Vita & Jaime

Jaime Nanoha and I have been performing together since 2012. Jaime is a passionate guitar player, with a contagious laugh and an incredible amount of musical knowledge. We started playing together as part of a large Brazilian band, but after a few successful duo-performances, we decided to continue like this. Jaime was fully enamored of the traditional acoustic guitar and thereby inspired me to make Brazilian music my specialism as well. Besides a fruitful musical collaboration, we soon developed a close friendship.

After graduating from the conservatory in 2015, we started giving living-room concerts, in order to fund our first album. These concerts became an unexpected success: people kept telling us how much they were moved by the intimate character of our music. Just voice and guitar, unplugged: that is how we still like to play our songs. A Voz e o Violão (the voice and the guitar) thus became the title of our first album.

Our next project became a theatre show, in which we wanted to bring to live all the wonderful stories that Brazilian song contains. Many elements of this show found their way to our regular concerts as well. Our latest project is a tour of atelier concerts, in which we are collaborating with many wonderful visual artists.

In the meantime our music keeps developing. Most recently, we are both leaning more and more towards classical music: to classical Brazilian composers such as Heitor Villa-Lobos, but also to their sources of inspiration. So don’t be surprised when during our next concert we suddenly play some Bach…